Zoom meeting addresses for panels are located under the moderator’s name. All meetings will use waiting rooms, so please wait while the moderator or assistant admits you into the room. This program will be updated regularly.
Greetings & Opening of the AUBG30 Multidisciplinary Academic Conference
FRIDAY, 08 OCTOBER, 15:30-15:45
PANEL 3 FRIDAY 16:00-17:20
Current EU Affairs
Moderator: Jean F. Crombois (AUBG)
Petar Georgiev
The interplay between the EU Green Deal and EU's Recovery Plans
Zhikica Pagovski (German Marshall Fund of the United States)
Strengthening Transatlantic Civil Society: The Key to Reinvigorating the U.S.-EU Bond
Alena Permyakova
In need of EU's re-engagement in the EaP
Nikola Tomic (University College Dublin)
Between Border Dispute and Ethnic Conflict: The EU as a Just Mediator in the Serbia-Kosovo Stalemate
PANEL 4 FRIDAY 16:00-17:20
Investigations in Agent-based Economics
Moderator: Jeff Nilsen (AUBG)
Giorgi Chavchanidze (Boston College)
Cognitive Limitations and Behavioral Biases In The Asset Pricing Context
Ina Hajdini
Virgiliu Midrigan (New York University)
Markups and Inequality
PANEL 5 FRIDAY 17:45-19:05
Narrating the Balkans
Moderator: Lubomir Terziev (AUBG)
Sean Homer (AUBG)
History, Narrative and Trauma in Balkan Cinema
Stoyan Tchaprazov (Iowa State University​)
Where the Bridge Crumbles: The Othering of the “Gypsies” in Ivo Andrić’s The Bridge on the Drina
PANEL 6 FRIDAY 17:45-19:05
Central-Eastern Europe: Democracy in retreat? A Roundtable Discussion
Moderator: Ilya Levine (AUBG)
Magdalena Bernaciak (AUBG)
Nikolay Marinov (University of Houston)
Robert Sata (Central European University)
Maria Spirova (Leiden University)
PANEL 23 FRIDAY 17:45-19:05
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – STEM 1
Moderator: Orlin Stoytchev (AUBG)
Eugen Bronasco (University of Geneva)
Hopf and pre-Lie algebras in numerical analysis
Kalina Mincheva (Tulane University)
Tropical Algebra
Vesna Stojanoska (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign)
Homotopy and duality for solving polynomial equations
PANEL 7 FRIDAY 19:15-21.00
Screening of documentary film: "Welcome to Chechnya"
Q&A with co-producer Igor Myakotin
PANEL 8 FRIDAY 19:15-21.00
Roundtable on Ottoman Studies through the lens of AUBG-ers (A Roundtable Discussion)
Moderator: Rossitsa Gradeva (AUBG)
Fred Anscombe (Birkbeck University)
Nikolay Antov (University of Arkansas)
Tijana Krstic (Central European University)
Milena Methodieva (University of Toronto)
PANEL 9 SATURDAY 14:15-15:35
Artistic Expression and Intercultural Communication
Moderator: Lucía López-Vázquez (AUBG)
Georgi Dzhambazov.
Computational method for aligning lyrics to audio across different music traditions
Yelyzaveta Glybchenko (Tampere University).
Making Peace: Image-Based Intercultural Communication in Trauma-Informed Education
Dessislava Stoeva-Holm. (Uppsala University)
Language, Ritual, Relationship. On the Birthday Song as a Verbal Gift
Krastanka Bozhinova (AUBG) & Senem Konedareva (AUBG) & Stoyna Yordanova (AUBG). Building Intercultural Competence through an Artistic Extracurricular Activity in the Context of Liberal Arts Education
PANEL 10 SATURDAY 14:15-15:35
Literature in the Liberal Arts Curriculum
Moderator: Sean Homer (AUBG)
Lubomir Terziev (AUBG)
Literature as a vehicle of freedom in liberal arts education
Asen Lazarov (AUBG)
The role of literature in the study of political science
Kalina Hristova (AUBG)
Literature and the development of soft skills
Vassiliy Kharlamov (AUBG)
Literature as part of a liberal arts system
Georgi Staykov (AUBG)
The LIT ship ready to embark?
Stoyna Yordanova and Trayana Karamihaleva (AUBG)
The place of literature in the liberal arts
Simona Petrova (AUBG)
Literature - a unique infusion of complexity creativity and thought
PANEL 11 SATURDAY 14:15-15:35
Policies, Politics, and Communication in Times of COVID
Moderator: Robert Phillips Jr. (AUBG)
Aneta Spendzharova (University of Maastricht)
Why Ranting about the COVID-19 Economy as a Woman Sounds Different in Copenhagen and in Cincinnati
Petya Ecklar (University of Strathclyde) and Mr. Ozan Mantar (University of Strathclyde)
Ethics for health journalists: Reporting a pandemic
PANEL 12 SATURDAY 14:15-15:35
Bulgaria and Eastern Europe in Time
Moderator: Markus Wien (AUBG)
Martin Trenkov (Central European University)
Reasons for the Success of American Education in late Ottoman Bulgaria
Milen Jissov (BNU-HKBU United International College)
A Wretched Subjectivity: Eastern Europe in Czesław Miłosz’s Captive Mind
Davor Pavicic (Charles University)
Between “Ours” and “the Other”: Balkans in Czech Travel Writing (1848-1918)
Markus Wien (AUBG)
Between Peasant Dictatorship and Royal Republic: Constitutional Issues in Bulgaria after 1918
PANEL 13 SATURDAY 16:00-17:20
Language, Identity, and Telecollaborations
Moderator: Lucía López-Vázquez (AUBG)
Senem Konedareva (AUBG)
Language and Identity – a sociocultural analysis on two examples of Banat literary tradition
Joshua N W Gray & Krastanka Bozhinova (AUBG)
Self-regulation and Intercultural Competence in Higher Education: Case Study on a Bilingual Intercultural Telecollaboration between Students in Blagoevgrad and Bordeaux
Diana Stantcheva (AUBG) & Gabriele Dillmann & Cheryl Johnson
Expanding Oral Second-Language Skills with Digital Technologies
PANEL 14 SATURDAY 16:00-17:20
Community, Governance, and Democracy
Moderator: Ivelin Sardamov (AUBG)
Tereza Monkova (McGill University)
Policing in Britain and America: Between Consent and Force
Tamta Gelashvili (University of Oslo)
Opportunities Matter: The Evolution of Far-Right Protest in Georgia
Yelyzaveta Glybchenko (Tampere University)
Coloring Outside the Lines: Imaginary Reconstitution of Security in Yemen through Visual Artistic Images
PANEL 15 SATURDAY 16:00-17:20
Economic Effects of the Pandemic and the Policy Responses: What have we learned?
(A Roundtable Discussion)
Moderator: Didar Erdinç (AUBG)
Eldar Aghayev (Energy, Resources and Infrastructure Financing and Advisory. BNP Paribas)
Ceyhun Elgin (AUBG)
Silvia Prokopieva (Bulgarian National Bank)
Anton Tonev (AQR Capital Management)
PANEL 16 SATURDAY 16:00-17:20
Sustainable Business and Marketing Roundtable
Moderators: Rossen Petkov (AUBG) and Carter Mandrik (AUBG)
Elitza Ivanova (Heineken)
Slav Iliev (Renault/Dacia)
Maria Petrova (Georgetown University)
PANEL 17 SATURDAY 16:00-17:20
Roundtable: How to Manage the New Reality of Work
Moderator: Asli Goksoy (AUBG)
Lucia Miree (AUBG)
Silvia Dello Russo (Toulouse Business School)
Arthur Pantelides (Virginia Wesleyan University)
Radostina K. Purvanova (Drake University)
Dr Sandra Romenska (University of St. Andrews)
PANEL 23 SATURDAY 16:00-17:20
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – STEM 2
Moderator: Hristo Iliev (AUBG)
Mario Krali (EPFL)
Estimating an Extreme Bayesian Network via Scalings
Mariami Gachechiladze (University of Cologne)
Quantifying causal influences in the presence of a quantum common cause
Gheorghe Pupazan (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin)
Perfectoid fields and (phi, Gamma)-modules
PANEL 18 SATURDAY 17:45-19:05
Philosophical and Moral Issues
Moderator: Diego Lucci (AUBG)
Daniel Adsett (AUBG)
Ethics and the Phenomenology of Incentives
Khafiz Kerimov (St. John’s College)
Kant on Providence and Rational Agency in the World
Mr. Yuliy Yuliev (Sofia University)
Aristotle, Confucius, and Bulgarian Democracy after 1991
PANEL 19 SATURDAY 17:45-19:05
Roundtable on Capitalism and Democracy
Moderator: Ivelin Sardamov (AUBG)
Palina Kolvani (University of Oslo)
Yana Mommadova (Northeastern University)
Dinara Urazova (Northwestern University)
PANEL 20 SATURDAY 17:45-19:05
Analyses in Diversity, Success, and Growth
Moderator: Tamara Todorova (AUBG)
Bledi Celiku (The World Bank)
Breaking Out of Fragility: A Country Economic Memorandum for Diversification and Growth in Iraq
Stefani Milovanska-Farrington (University of Tampa)
Reasons to Attend College, Academic Success, and Post-College Plans
Hieu Nguyen (Illinois Wesleyan University)
Public provision of higher education and its implications for college diversity
Tamara Todorova (AUBG)
Diminishing marginal utility and the teaching of economics.
PANEL 21 SATURDAY 17:45-19:05
Green Energy, Inequality and the Future of Sustainable Finance
Moderator: Andrey Gurov (AUBG) and Ali Termos (AUBG)
Momtchil Karpouzanov (AUBG)
Gergana Jostova (George Washington University)
Alexander Philipov (George Mason University)
Ralitza Nikolaeva (Organisations and Society Research Group, University of St. Andrews)
Irena Macheva (ROITI Return on IT Investment)
Ventsislav Topuzov (ROITI Return on IT Investment)
PANEL 24 SATURDAY 17:45-19:05
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – STEM 3
Moderator: Alexander Ganchev (AUBG)
Zlatko Joveski (Vanderbilt University)
Interval-Permutation Segment Graphs 
Euxhen Hasanaj (Carnegy-Mellon University)
Assigning cell types in single cell genomics data via Machine Learning 
Elena Dimitrova (California Polytechnic State University)
Vanishing ideals of points for algebraic design of experiments 
Mihaela Dimovska (University of Minnesota)
Learning networks of dynamic systems via non-invasive observations
PANEL 25 SATURDAY 17:45-19:05
Life after PhD (Making your PhD work)
Moderator: Yelena Osipova-Stocker (U.S. Agency for Global Media)
Valentina Snetkova (Genentech)
Bogdan Bonca (Capital One Financial)
Bledi Celiku (The World Bank)